Thursday, July 31, 2008

Back from the beach...

We are back from our summer beach vacation to the Outer Banks - Corolla, NC.  We had a nice trip but it was bittersweet to come home.  We usually head straight to my Dad's house (her only sitter) to pick up The Bud.  This trip - we went straight home.

The gazebo in the background of the first picture is the one she's standing by in my FAVORITE photo of The Bud.  Perfect curly tail, perfect "smile" and perfect "hurry up and let's go play" look...  Click on photo for a larger view.

Some background on the plastic dog...  When we first brought RoseBud home we had her for ten days and then we went to Disney World for ten days with my inlaws.  The Bud stayed with my Dad.  We brought along the plastic dog and have since brought it with us EVERY trip we have gone on without her.  RoseBud has done her share of traveling but this "dog" has been all over - near and far, toured around the world in Epcot (and photographed in each country) and here's a picture having dinner outside of The Nook - Charlottesville, VA.