Tuesday, September 9, 2008


While we are on the subject of flowers...
Soon after RoseBud passed away I was greeted by a sea of dandelions in my Dad's back yard. Got a little creative and made RoseBud's name in Dandelion heads.

(Thanks for the inspiration, Chrissy & Eva!)

Friday, September 5, 2008

Dear Flowers - I'm sorry...

Dear Flowers,

I'm sorry I haven't watered you since the middle of April.  It's now September.  I know a lot of you are still holding on but some of you just couldn't take it anymore.  :(  RoseBud and I used to come back from our morning walk and "give you guys a drink" and since she's been gone there really hasn't been much of that (if any) at all. RoseBud would get so excited when we walked in the door and I went for the watering can.  She knew we would be going outside for a little longer.  We would go in and out a few times to refill and each time we went back out she was just as excited as the first.  Hopefully there will be more Buds (in all respects) in the future and I promise to water all of you.

Love, J

Here are a few photos of The Bud and Her Buds...