Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Diamond in the Ruff

When RoseBud was just a little pup she visited her "cousin" Diamond.  
It was her very first trip out to visit the family.

Diamond recently passed away.  She was fifteen years old.  We'll miss you, Diamond! We hope RoseBud was there to greet you at the Rainbow Bridge.

Just this side of heaven lies the Rainbow Bridge.
When a beloved pet dies, it goes to the Rainbow Bridge.
It makes friends with the other animals and frolics over hills and peaceful lush meadows of green.
They are as healthy and playful as we remember them in days gone by.
Together, the animals play, but the day comes when a pet will suddenly stop and look into the distance... bright eys intent, eager body quivering.
Suddenly recognizing you, your pet bounds quickly across the green fields and into your embrace.
You celebrate in joyous reunion.  You will never again separate.
Happy tears and kisses are warm and plentiful, your hands caress the face you missed.
You look into the loving eyes of your pet and know that you never really parted.
You realize that though out of sight, your love had been remembered.
You cross the Rainbow Bridge together.

Her Perpective

As I said before, we are not at a lack of photographs of The Bud. After she passed away, though, we went around the house, yard and my Dad's house and took a series of pictures from "her perspective" which are actually some of my favorites.

Here are a few...

In her bed under the desk at my Dad's house.

From the chair at her grandpa's house (her only babysitter) watching Dave get out of the car.

The view of our car from the garage - ready to go for a ride.

Monday, August 25, 2008

You talking to me?

I'm not sure why but she always reminded me of a little bad ass in this photo - like her Harley is parked off to the side somewhere.  Leopard collar, silver initial... Looking fierce.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Me and My Shadow

Wherever  I Go She Goes...  My Buddy and Me.

OBX 2006

Our Outer Banks trip in October 2006 wasn't quite what we expected...  
It started out ok.

Then there was an unexpected flight.

With a layover here.

And RoseBud's SECOND stay at a hotel.  A 30+ day stay actually.

LONG story.  We'll get back to this one later.  :)

More in 2005

Jockey's Ridge - Nags Head, NC.  The tallest natural sand dune system in the Eastern United States.

Ready to go home.  Just need to buckle up!

Visit to Williamsburg, VA.

Visit to Berkley Springs, WV.  Home of warm mineral springs noted as Medicine Springs in 1747. In 1776 George Washington's family and friends drew up a plat of 134 lots, named the streets, and incorporated the Town of Bath.  The magic of the springs prevailed and the town and surrounding area are known by Berkeley Springs.  My dog tags are there somewhere!

OBX May 2005

Going for a walk on the beach with David.

RoseBud and her "baby" relaxing in the sun room.

Going for a jog.

The Bud's "Aunt & Uncle" and "Cousins" came to visit for a couple days!

Watching everyone leave to go home.  (Such a cute little tail.)

More in 2004

GET ME OUT OF HERE!  RoseBud loved the beach but she wasn't too crazy about the water.

Anyone for Golf?

Playing with the Earth Ball.

My very own cabana.  Taking a little siesta in the sun.

OBX May 2004

Stop over at La Quinta in Williamsburg, VA.  First hotel stay. 

Some wrestling fun with Grandpa.

Best. Cheesesteaks. Ever.

Just like home - Spider and Percy (and many others) come to the beach too!

Seeing the sights - OBX 2003

RoseBud loved to explore and see new places.

Bodie Island Lighthouse with David, The Dad and Aunt Gloria

Visiting the Wright Brothers Memorial

Fun in the sun

More from 2003...

RoseBud ready to play ball.

Running from the water!

Let's Play!

Little Pup.

Down by the sea...

One of my all time favorites...   OBX May 2003

Friday, August 15, 2008

Back to the Beach

RoseBud's Paw Prints in the Sand...

Since we were just recently at the beach - I think the next few posts will be my favorites from some of our beach trips.  Stay tuned for some fun in the sun!

You are getting sleepy...

These photos are from March 2006.  I was on a mission to get a good YAWN shot.   I can't say it was very easy.  I got a lot of ALMOSTS.


100+ frames later - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.  Sort of - not the best angle but it works.

Traveling Dog

The Bud was a Traveling Dog for sure.  RoseBud loved going on trips - whether ten minutes long or ten hours long.  She was very good in the car.  Not sure where we were going in this one (we were stuck in traffic on the Parkway) or why she was on my lap and NOT in the back seat in her seat belt (where she almost always sat) but its one of my favorites. Click to enlarge and check out the side view mirror.

You've got MAIL!

Probably one of the highlights of this little pup's life was getting the mail!  I don't know who ever said that dogs don't like mailmen because this dog LOVED Tom!!!

Every day through the mail slot - A TREAT!  If there was too much mail to put in the mail slot (I'm a catalog and magazine junkie so that was pretty often) there would be a bundle inside the door - treat and all!!!

One of the hardest things to date is hearing the mail come through the door and NOT hearing RoseBud barking in excitement or the pitter patter of little paws running anxiously to see what treasures were to be found.

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.

To say that we have a lot of pictures of RoseBud would be an understatement.  We have THOUSANDS of photographs of her.  Her whole life is documented.  She was a bit of a ham when it came to the camera.  I'm not really sure if she LOVED having her picture taken or if it was just something she tolerated but the girl could WORK IT!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Oh so soft and cuddly...

Remember the Monchhichi (yes, that's the correct spelling) from the 80s?  The Bud reminds of one in this photo. Monchhichis were monkey-like creatures who lived in the forest land of Monchia at the very top of tall trees well above the clouds.  (Bud & "Spider" - June 2006)

Ain't no sunshine when she's gone...

RoseBud was great at finding just where the sun was coming in the house and sitting there. She'd squeeze her way into the smallest spot possible - in between the bars of the Pilates machine, on the bathroom rug, etc...